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Driving industry collaboration within a highly regulated rapidly changing environment

The Mining and Exploration industry has undergone major changes in recent times due to economic pressures. Companies have been forced to consolidate their resources, requiring remaining roles to diversify from their traditional responsibilities. Often this leaves large knowledge gaps which can introduce risks around compliance and meeting regulatory obligations.

“Applications to the warden’s court for the restoration of tenements in the last few years has exponentially grown due to the inexperience and lack of knowledge of newly appointed and under skilled personnel.” – Peter Brammall, Tenement Consultant, Sageland Tenement Consultancy

These difficult situations call for innovative and collaborative solutions to assist companies who are struggling to bridge the knowledge gap of their employees and ensure their obligations are being met. There is certainly no lack of information, however there is an opportunity to target the available information to the specific obligations and tasks required of employees to keep on top of.

Often the first place to go to when requiring expert advice is Google and online forums. To date though, there has not been the equivalent of an online forum for Tenement and Land Management – until now.

This Tenement Management Wiki has been developed to provide an educational platform for Tenement Managers and other roles who may have responsibilities around the management of tenements. This wiki has been developed in the true spirit of a wiki website which provides collaborative modification of its content and structure directly from the web browser. Experts from the industry are actively adding valuable content for jurisdictions throughout Australia.

“For someone who is new to the WA tenure management scene, the Tenement Management Wiki has been of considerable benefit. Operation is easy, and the answer is there.” – Andrew Harwood, Senior Geologist, Evolution Mining

Background: Since 2005, LandTrack Systems has been providing software tools that simplify land acquisition and management. They have developed the Tenement Management Wiki as a free service to the Mining and Exploration Industry to help expedite employee education and provide a forum for peer collaboration.