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Exploration Licence (WA)

  • Exploration Licence Application Guidelines (PDF)
  • On 28 June 1991 a graticular boundary (or block) system was introduced for Exploration Licences. On 18 December 2000 it was switched from Australian Geodetic Datum 1984 (AGD84) to the Australian Geocentric Datum 1994 (GDA94) shifting the grid 200m south west. Geocentric Datum explanation and DMIRS rules
  • The minimum size of an Exploration Licence is one block and the maximum size is 70 blocks, except in areas not designated as mineralised areas, where the maximum size is 200 blocks refer to the following link Map showing Zones for 70 and 200 block areas (PDF).
  • An Exploration Licence is not marked out.
  • An application may be made at any Mining Registrar's office; or lodged electronically via the DMIRS website using MTO.
  • On application for a licence an application fee and the first year's rent is payable.
  • There is no limit to the number of licences a person or company may hold but a security ($5,000) is required in respect of each licence.

Term and Compulsory Surrender:

  • For licences applied for before 10 February 2006, the term is five years plus two possible extensions of two years and further periods of one year thereafter. At the end of both the third and fourth year of its term, the licensee is required to surrender 50 per cent of the licence.
  • For licences applied for after 10 February 2006, the term is five years plus possible extension of five years and further periods of two years thereafter, 40 per cent of the ground to be surrendered at the end of year six.
  • The holder of an Exploration Licence may, in accordance with the licence conditions, extract or disturb up to 1000 tonnes of material from the ground, including overburden, and the Minister may approve extraction of larger tonnages.
  • Refer to sections 56C to 70 of the Mining Act 1978
  • Refer to regulation 17 to 23BB of the Mining Regulations 1981