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Retention Licence (WA)

  • A Retention Licence (R) is a holding title for a mineral resources that has been identified but is not able to further explored or mined.
  • A Retention Licence may be granted in respect of the whole or any part of land within the boundaries of a primary tenement.
  • An application may be made at the Mining Registrars Office or lodged electronically via the DMPs website using MTO.
  • An application fee and rental are payable.
  • The term of the R is for a period not exceeding five years and renewable for a period not exceeding five years (Rs have been granted for 3 years)
  • There is no maximum area.

Retention License - Mining Regulations 1981

From the 10 February 2006 an exploration or prospecting licence may convert to retention status without a separate retention licence being formed (s53 to 55B for Ps and 69A to 69E for Es)