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Miscellaneous Licence (WA)

  • There is no maximum area for a miscellaneous licence ('L') .
  • Within 35 days of the date of application for a miscellaneous licence, the applicant shall lodge written details of — (a) any works to be constructed in connection with the licence; and (b) the proposed manner of construction of such works; and (c) any operations to be carried out on the land the subject of the application.
  • An application fee and first year's rent is payable on application.
  • There is no limit to the number of L's a person or company may hold.
  • Ls applied for before 6 July 1998 have a term of 5 years and can be renewed for periods of 5 years. Ls applied on or after 6 July 1998 have a term of a L is 21 years and may be renewed for further terms of 21 years.
  • An L can be applied for over (and co-exist with) other mining tenements.
  • An L is for purposes as listed under s42B of the regs as follows
    (a) a road;
    (b) a tramway;
    (c) an aerial rope way;
    (d) a pipeline;
    (e) a power line;
    (f) a conveyor system;
    (g) a tunnel;
    (h) a bridge;
    (i) taking water;
    (ia) a search for groundwater;
    (j) hydraulic reclamation and transport of tailings;
    (k) an aerodrome;
    (l) a meteorological station;
    (m) a sulphur dioxide monitoring station;
    (n) a communications facility;
    (o) a drainage channel;
    (p) a pump station;
    (q) a minesite accommodation facility;
    (r) a bore;
    (s) a bore field;
    (t) a water management facility;
    (u) a power generation and transmission facility;
    (v) a storage or transportation facility for minerals or mineral concentrate;
    (w) a minesite administration facility;
    (x) a workshop and storage facility;
    (y) a jetty.

With the Mining Amendment Act 2/2/2013 there is no need to mark out a miscellaneous licence.

Section 91 to 94B of the Mining Act 1978 and regulation 37 to 42B of the Mining Regulations 1981 apply to apply to miscellaneous licences.

Miscellaneous Licenses