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Rents (WA)

DMIRS Mining Act fees and charges can now be paid at the Customer Service Counter Perth and regional offices by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTPOS) or credit card.

Rents are paid annually, in advance and should be paid within a month of the anniversary (Mining Regulations 1981 109(4)), except where a tenement is renewed and then are required to be paid with the renewal application.

This is a link to the Fees, Charges and Expenditure Details including rents

Failure to pay rents will result in the tenement being listed in the government gazette for forfeiture (link to Government Gazette) and then forfeited if the rent is not paid. As a fail safe measure it pays to monitor the Gazzette for any tenements whose rent may have not been paid.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has a payment system providing customers with a quicker and easier method of paying single invoices for Mineral Titles Annual Rent renewals and Petroleum fees.

To use this payment system, customers can simply navigate to the 'Payments' Quicklink on the DMIRS website homepage, enter the reference number in the payments text box and proceed to their payment.

Payments are made using credit card, with a payment limit of $99,999.

It is important to remember this this when making an tenement application as it places the application in jeopardy if the amount is exceeded.

A concessional mining lease rental rate to assist potash project development in Western Australia will be introduced following the December 2018 announcement by the Hon. Bill Johnston, Minister for Mines and Petroleum.

A reduced rental rate for potash projects was found to be more equitable compared to other mineral resources, as the mining leases need to cover extensive areas between 50,000 to 500,000 hectares to provide security over the entire brine resource that lies underneath salt lakes in remote locations.

Potash proponents will need to apply for a standard mining lease, including paying the first year’s rent in advance at the standard rental rate. With their application, proponents can request that the Minister restrict the grant of the mining lease to minerals dissolved in brine (i.e. potash). If the Minister determines to grant a mining lease restricted to minerals dissolved in brine (considering the locality of the land and the public interest), the concessional rate will then apply and the holder will be entitled to seek a refund of the difference in rent paid upon application. Subsequent year rents will be at the reduced rate of $2.32 per hectare, per annum for the first five years and then $4.64 per hectare, per annum onwards.