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Programme of Work (WA)

DMIRS Programme of Work Overview

The Mining Act 1978 under s55A (for Ps) s69D (for Es), 70IA (for Rs) requires that a Programme of Work (PoW) is lodged in the prescribed manner and approved by the Minister (or a prescribed official) prior to an explorer or prospector conducting any ground disturbing activities with mechanised equipment.

DMIRS have a site explaining environmental regulation requirements' refer to this link Environmental Regulations

  • There are 3 types of POWs
    • POW-P - a manual form to be completed and submitted hardcopy or online POW-P Application Form and How to submit the Form
    • POW-E is being replaced by the POW-S (spatial)
    • POW-S (Programme of Work Spatial) is an online lodgement
  • Rehabilitation must be done within 6 months of disturbance
  • Approvals are valid for 4 years (from the date of the approval letter).
  • Extensions of time of the POW need to be made prior to expiry date
  • It is important to record in your tenement management system the grant, expiry and end of drilling dates.
  • The rehabilitation is to be reported to the DMIRS Rehabilitation Report and report online

Excess Tonnage

Material in excess of 500t for Ps and SPLs, 1000t for Es and Rs may be excavated, extracted or removed only with prior written approval (sections 48(c), 56A(6)(d), 66(c), 70(6)(d), 70J(c), and 85B(3)(d)) from the Minister DMIRS

Excess Tonnage Procedure

Excess Tonnage Application