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Exploration Permit Minerals (EPM) (QLD)

Exploration Permits for Mineral or Coal A summary of the data contained is a follows:

  • An EPM is used for the exploration of minerals other permits are required for the exploration of coal.
  • It has a duration of 5 years but can be granted for shorter terms; it is advisable to put 5 years on the EPM application
  • The EPM can be a maximum of 100 blocks (an EPC is 300 blks) and and when an application is made a subblocks must have sides in common unless the Minister allows based on the PoW submitted with the application (s127).

  • The holder must reduce the size of of an EPM by 40% after 3 years and 50% at 5 years then after the renewal 40% after 3 years and 50% at 5 years. This is unless the Minister decides otherwise. Submissions must be made at least 20 business days (28 days) before the stipulated time or shorter period if the Minister allows s139 MRA.

  • To consolidate adjacent EPMs, you may conditionally surrender EPM in favour of a new one to include the whole or part of the land. If you apply for a conditional surrender, the existing EPM will remain in force until your new application is decided. Conditional Surrender Policy

  • The holder must enter into access agreements with the landholders.

  • The applicant must provide evidence that they have the financial ability to undertake exploration on all the EPM located in the Qld this entails the directors of the company signing a standard letter stating such Financial and Technical Capability Guide.

  • Application for renewal must be made 3 months before the expiry ond not more than 6 months. The application is in the approved form and accompanied by a Progamme of Work and financial and technical resources.

  • Annual Reporting Guidelines Annual reports are due every 12 months, one month after the anniversay and are submitted electronically unless consent is given for hard copy submittal.

  • Rent is due for before grant, on renewal 20 days after renewal, for the remaining term on the anniversary s138 MRA