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The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for the following mining activities:

  • Mining: 63,000 Federal "onshore" oil and gas wells on BLM lands. BLM has on record a total of 290,000 mining claims.
  • Coal leases: As of 2013, the BLM had competitively granted 309 leases for coal mining to 474,252 acres (191,923 ha).
  • Mineral rights on Indian lands: As part of its trust responsibilities, the BLM provides technical advice for minerals operations on 56 million acres (230,000 km2) of Indian lands.
  • Cadastral surveys: The BLM is the official record keeper for over 200 years' worth of cadastral survey records and plats as part of the Public Land Survey System. In addition, the Bureau still completes numerous new surveys each year, mostly in Alaska, and conducts resurveys to restore obliterated or lost original surveys.
  • Helium: BLM operates the National Helium Reserve near Amarillo, Texas.

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