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Renewals (QLD)

The periods renewals are required before expiry are set out in the following Tenement Renewal Guidelines QLD

[|Permit Renewal Guide]]

The renewal is completed online and in summary the following is required, though refer to the guide for a full listing:

  • Consent of the holders
  • Renewal justification (optional)
  • Public interest statement (optional)
  • Statement of compliance history and statement of why an obligation has not been met
  • Partial Surrender Form
  • original grant showing renewal is allowed
  • a copy of the ILUA to the Dept
  • Work Programme, mining programme, of development plan
  • Rationale for the work programme
  • Financial capability statement
  • Financial commitments document
  • Additional supporting financial evidence (if required)
  • Technical capability statement
  • Other resource commitments document
  • Additional supporting technical documents (if required)
  • Third party declaration (if outsourcing/subcontracting)