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Lodge an Expenditure Report (Form 17) (NT)

Lodgement of a Form 17 is required and made in accordance with section 32(2)(a)(ii) of the Mineral Titles Act.

All annual, expenditure, final, production and reserve reports must be lodged with:

Minerals and Energy InfoCentre
Northern Territory Geological Survey
Department of Primary Industry and Resources
GPO Box 4550

or emailed to

For guidelines for submitting an Expenditure Report (Form 17) see Reporting and geological sample submission forms and guidelines. This page provides links to:

  • Mineral exploration and mining expenditure reporting (approved form 17)
  • Guideline 3: expenditure conditions
  • Guideline 6: minimum admissible expenditure
  • Guideline 7: reporting on mineral titles

Shortfall of Expenditure Condition:
If the relevant expenditure condition has not been complied with in any operational year, the title holder may make application to the Minister for a variation of a condition (VoC) under section 100 of the Mineral Titles Act and pay the fee mentioned in Schedule 1 Part 1 of the Regulations. An Expenditure Report is to be submitted annually to the Department of Primary Industry and Resources by the holder of an EL, ELR or ML under Section 94(2)(b) of the Mineral Titles Act (the Act) and Regulation 81 of the Mineral Titles Regulations (the Regulations). This guideline describes admissible expenditure for EL, ELR and ML titles under the Act and provides an indication of acceptable minimum expenditure for the first two operational years of an exploration licence.

For Application for variation of condition – expenditure condition not met (approved form 30) see After the grant of a mineral title forms and guidelines