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Expiry and Extension of Term (Renewal) (NT)

Renewal of a Mineral Title

Before the end of the term of a mineral title, the title holder may apply in the approved form to the Minister for a renewal.

The following table lists the renewal term for each mineral title:-

Mineral TitleTerm of Renewal
Exploration LicenceTerm not exceeding 2 years
Exploration Licence in RetentionTerm not exceeding 5 years
Mineral LeaseTerm the Minister considers appropriate
Extractive Mineral Exploration LicenceNot renewable
Extractive Mineral PermitTerm not exceeding 5 years
Extractive Mineral LeaseTerm not exceeding 10 years
Mineral AuthorityTerm the Minister considers appropriate

Where an application for renewal is not determined until after the date of expiry of the previous term, by virtue of Section 68 of the Act, the mineral title is deemed to continue in force until the application for renewal is determined.

Where the application relates to the first renewal of an exploration licence, the title holder must have undertaken the required reduction of title area, or sought approval from the Minister to not reduce, partially reduce, or defer the reduction of the title area under section 29 of the Act, before the renewal application will be determined.

Upon renewal the Minister may vary or add to the original grant conditions.

Important Notes to Consider

  1. Mineral title applications for renewal must be lodged before the end of the term of the title otherwise the mineral title will expire.
  2. An application for the renewal of a mineral title must be accompanied by the prescribed rent and administration fee for the first operational year after renewal.
  3. Requirements under section 58 of the Act and regulation 44 ‘Necessary criteria for mineral title application’ will be taken into account by the Minister when considering an application for the renewal of a mineral title.

How to Lodge

Form 7: Renewal Application for Mineral Exploration Licence or Mineral Authority for Exploration
Mineral Titles Act - Section 30 & 118 – Approved Form 7

Form 8: Renewal Application for Exploration Licence in Retention or Mineral Authority for Exploration in Retention
Mineral Titles Act - Section 36 & 118 – Approved Form 8

Form 9: Renewal Application for Mineral Lease; Extractive Mineral Permit; Extractive Mineral Lease or Mineral Authority
Mineral Titles Act - Section 43, 52, 56 & 118 – Approved Form 9

Form to: Renewal Application for Mineral Claim Mineral Titles Act - Section 204 and Regulation 140

Now Enforced

Applications can be refused if there are errors or insufficient information lodged

Applications are now also assessed on credibility, for example if a company has a history for non-compliance or not meeting statutory requirements DPIR can refuse the application. Applications must be spot on otherwise they will not be accepted – no errors.

Renewal Applications

If a company has a history of non-compliance this is now taken into consideration by DPIR when assessing applications. Applications must be spot on otherwise they will not be accepted – no errors