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Native TItle (QLD)

The Department has posted a Native Title Guide

In Qld there is a native title process when granting resource authorities. If you lodge your application online through MyMinesOnline, the system indicates which land is subject to native title and triggers a native title process. Otherwise, you can do your own research using MinesOnlineMaps Note that it can only be accessed using Internet Explorer.

When making an application in MyMinesOnline refer to this web site: MyMinesOnline Native Title as it takes you through the steps for an application.

There is basically 2 processes the Expedited Procedure and entering into an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA). The Expedited Procedure is for conducting low impact exploration (non ground disturbing).

When negotiating an ILUA it is advantages to enter into the Right to Negotiate process to limit the negotiating period.

We draw your attention to the Section 31 Agreements the that allows you to keep confidential the terms of the ILUA.