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Mining Claim (Claim) (QLD)

Details of Mining Claim.

A mining claim can be issued for any mineral other than coal and uranium with a maximum are of 1 hectare and can be granted for 10 years and are renewable. You can hold or have an interest in a maximum of 2 mining claims at any one time. No rent is payable.

Prescribed mining claims apply only to corundum, gemstones or other precious stones. They are either granted specifically for the purpose of mining these minerals, or have been obtained as a result of having converted a mining lease as part of the small-scale mining initiative. The are granted for a period of 10 years and have an area of 20 hectares. No rent is payable.

A mining claim allows you to conduct small-scale mining operations such as prospecting and hand-mining. You are not allowed to use machinery to prospect, explore or mine on a mining claim, unless your claim has been assessed and granted as a prescribed mining claim