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Notice of Intention to Commence Work (Vic)

Work plan

The work plan for a mining licence must contain the information listed in Schedule 15 of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Regulations 2013, which includes a rehabilitation plan, environmental management plan and a community engagement plan.

The work plan cannot be approved until any required planning approval has been granted (MRSDA section 40). The planning scheme covering your licence area will most probably require a planning permit for mining activities.

However you must prepare your work plan in consultation with the department before you apply for a planning permit. The department has an integrated mining work plan and planning approval process to ensure that all issues that will affect a mining proposal are raised at the earliest possible stage rather than emerge during the planning permit process.

You must submit a draft work plan within 6 months after licence grant (refer to condition 6 of the mining licence document). The department will work with you to develop a draft work plan.

Notice of Intention to Commence Work on a Licence

Under the scope of the work plan, holders are required to submit a Notice of Intention to Commence Exploration Work on a Licence or a Notice of Intention to Commence Mining Work on a Mining Licence or a Prospecting Licence prior to commencing work other than Low Impact Exploration