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Annual Technical Report (Vic)

See Schedule 22 of the Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) (Mineral Industries) Regulations 2013.

The Technical Report presents the technical results and geological interpretation of exploration during the reporting period. The report should include data and any consultant or laboratory reports as appendices.

A Technical Report is required for all exploration, retention licences and for mining licences of more than 5 hectares where exploration expenditure has been claimed (including Office Studies).

A Technical Report must be submitted within 4 weeks after the annual reporting date of the licence AND within 4 weeks after the licence has ceased to exist (expired, surrendered, cancelled or not renewed).

A Technical Report may cover more than one licence belonging to a licensee if together the licences make a discrete exploration project and boundaries are adjoining.(Updated Regulation 36). The licences must also have the same reporting date.

Partial Relinquishment Reports are required as areas are relinquished. These reports will provide details of all the work conducted within the relinquished area, from the grant of the title to the time of relinquishment.

If the Technical Report is a final report, that is, prepared after the licence has ceased to exist, it should cover all the work done since the last report. If the licence has been joint reported the final report should be a summary of the all the work done over the life of the licence and include the reason the licence was allowed to expire or is being surrendered. It must include any previously unsubmitted data.