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Expenditure (Vic)

The Expenditure & Activities Return lists the expenditure for the reporting year against a summary of operations. Complete this in the manner of the example in the guidelines (Section 3). :

Electronic reporting is available on the various licences at Resources Rights Allocation and Management (RRAM) portal

An Expenditure & Activities Return must be submitted within 4 weeks after the annual reporting date of the licence, that is, at the same time as the annual Technical Report. The Return includes a column for details of the data appended to the Technical Report to enable efficient data capture and release to open file when appropriate.

One Return per licence is required. You may enter your Return details via the Resource Rights Allocation Management (RRAM) electronic system or you may submit a hard copy of the Return to your Licensing Officer via Australia post or email. An electronic template of the Return (Schedule 18) can also be downloaded.