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Contaminated Sites (WA)

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Guidelines for Contaminated Sites

  • A person who has a reasonable grounds to know or suspect a site is contaminated may report that to DER.
  • An owner or occupier of a site, a person who has contributed to the contamination, an auditor (for the purposes of the Act) are required to report a contamination.
  • It has a legal definition but is basically common sense: being the pollution from a source site to an affected site of land or water that can causes harm to humans, the environment or environmental value.
  • All reported sites are recorded on the Contaminated Sites Register.
    • report not substantiated (RNS);
    • possibly contaminated – investigation required (PC–IR); Memorial on land
    • not contaminated – unrestricted use (NC–UU);
    • contaminated – restricted use (C–RU); Memorial on land
    • remediated for restricted use (RRU);
    • contaminated – remediation required (C–RR); Memorial on land
    • decontaminated (Decon).