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New South Wales


The NSW Department of Trade and Investment, Division of Resources and Energy is the administrative body for mineral tenure. Its online portal MinView enables users to interactively view, search and download historical and current geoscience and exploration title information via the Internet.

Mineral Exploration Reporting Guidelines

Mineral Tenure Types

  • Assessment Lease (AL)
  • Exploration Licence (EL)
  • Mining Lease (ML)
  • Exploration Licence Application (ELA)
  • Consolidated Coal Lease (CCL)
  • Coal Lease (CL)
  • Consolidated Mining Lease (CML)
  • Exploration Prospecting Lease (EPL)
  • Gold Lease (GL)
  • Mineral Claim Converted to Lease (M(C)L)
  • Mining (Mineral Owner) Lease (M(MO)L)
  • Mining Lease Application (MLA)
  • Mining Purposes Lease (MPL)

NSW Division of Resources amd Geoscience - Titles policies, Advertising requirements & Guidelines

Actions, Forms, Fees, Document Execution

Tenement Action Guide

References and Legislation